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CT short sales with Seterus (LBPS- IBM Lender Business Process Services).

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Let me first start off saying that I do not write reviews, but I feel compelled to let everyone know of my experience. I owned my Condo for 11.5 years. However, these 11 years brought a tropical storm (Irene), a hurricane (Sandy), and a 2008 financial crisis to the CT housing market. In 2015, the sale price was >$100k less than the original purchase price. Even after renting for three years, I was losing $200/mo. and did not want to continue as a landlord. I was trapped and stressed out, both mentally and financially.

Last March, I called Minna. We started the short sale process with the appropriate paperwork. She even recommended speaking with an accountant to understand the tax implications of a short sale. She guided me through the

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Some things just don't come easy.....including this short sale approval...


Our unbelievably sweet and charming retiring Hamden, CT homeowner found herself in a position to have to move to senior housing, but upside down in her home. After attempts to sell at fair market proved unsuccessful, she realized her best option was to pursue a short sale, so she called us. 


Our seller had a single loan on the property  - with OCWEN - one of our current favorites. We anticipated an easy breezy road ahead.....  


Never count on an easy road! It took much longer than expected to secure a buyer for the property....And after securing the buyer - the sale fell apart soon…
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After an out of state relocation, these Torrington, CT homeowners decided that renting out their over-leveraged home was the solution to stay ahead on the mortgage payments of their old Connecticut home. Like many do, they quickly realized renting was simply not a viable long term solution and a short sale was the only way to cut ties with the old home and its $40,000 of negative equity. 


When we first listed the home the first mortgage on the home was a Fannie Mae backed loan being serviced by Bank of America - a notoriously difficult and slow lender to work short sales with. PNC in second position is not one of our favorite lenders either, however second mortgages have generally become much

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HAFA - Governments "streamline" short sale solution? I dont know about you, but to me 14 months and streamline sounds like an oxymoron.

I've never been a fan of HAFA, and this Seterus short sale certainly didn't sway my opinion. I originally listed this Middletown, CT property and immediately my clients applied for the HAFA program. 6 months later, my clients were approved for about 30% over market value. We were unable to find a buyer to pay 130% of market value....but we were able to find one to pay market value. We moaned and groaned and convinced the lender they were off base with their value...and they did reconsider several months later. Unfortunately by then the buyer was long gone and we had had the pleasure of starting all over.


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LBPS- IBM Lender Business Process Services, now known as Seterus is a relatively unknown lender that I have only had the “pleasure” of dealing with twice. 

The first time, I took a Middletown, CT short sale listing November of 2010, which thanks to Seterus is still in the approval process with no end in sight (it is now August 2011). The experience has been one of the most miserable I have ever been involved in. HAFA is partly to blame as my client wanted to go that route…but I digress.

This Deep River, CT short sale was not as painful as that one, likely because my clients opted out of HAFA at their first opportunity to do so (always a smart move). After two months on market a strong cash buyer was secured for the property. Seterus lagged in moving

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